Criminal complaint against Yusuf Kısa

The relationship between the Turkish DEMOKRASI FOUNDATION and ODEA Tourism Consultancy Company is being questioned as another “credit” skill of Yusuf Kısa, the owner of GİFA Holding , is emerging.

With the motive that he would give credit, Yusuf Kısa, who is a fraud, is falling on the agenda like a bomb every day. Nowadays it is focused on Kisa’s connection with TÜRK DEM0KRASİ FOUNDATION and ODEA Tourism Consultancy Company. Short this time the businessman Gökhan Öztürk fell into the networks. Short again with the same credit lie Öztürk charged quite a large expense. He then stated that the loan to Öztürk was approved by the HSBC bank in the UK, but that the tax payment should be paid to the Turkish Democracy Foundation in Ankara. Ozturk did. However, as usual, there has been no credit development. Upon this action, Öztürk filed a criminal complaint against both the company and the brief.At the same time, Öztürk will go to the TRNC and explain what happened at a press conference.

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