Great Shock From Yusuf KISA To Serdar Denktaş! Operation Will Be Held

Great Shock From Yusuf KISA To Serdar Denktaş! Operation Will Be Held

In the polls held before the early elections, the Democratic Party was constantly shown under the threshold. It was understood that the operation was a perception, a claim began to be talked about a bomb in the backstage. Democratic Party leader Serdar Denktas said the operation will be done to eliminate

Continuing Conspiracies

Prior to the 2018 early general elections, polls conducted by several companies showed that the Democratic Party would not cross the threshold and suffer severe blood loss. After proving that these surveys were completely fake, another claim was made. According to these allegations, a new operation will be organized for Democratic Party President Mr. Serdar Denktaş

Yusuf Kisa Tooling His to Yenibakış Newspaper

The ugly and unsubstantiated claims and fake polls put forward are known as Yusuf Kısa and Yenibakış Newspaper, whose name is not known. As it is known, Yusuf Kisa has several cases of fraud, fictitious lending and hope trafficking.
Yenibakış Newspaper, Yusuf Kisa and Democratic Party Chairman Serdar Denktaş, clipped by many obscure groups of unknown names, are attacked with a lot of unsubstantiated and ugly news. Serdar Denktas and his son again behind the latest slanders Yenibakis Newspaper and Yusuf Kısa.

DP lezder Serdar Denktas to sues fraudster Yusuf Kısa

Following the Scribble campaign, DP President Serdar Denktaş, who took a breath in court, filed a lawsuit against Yenibakış Newspaper and Yusuf Kısa. Although a long time has passed since the opening of the case, Yusuf Kisa still has not testified. The court also made a shock decision. According to the decision of the tribunal, Yusuf Kısa will be fined 100 TL for each case he does not participate.

Yusuf Continues Short Foot Games

This decision of the court delegation officially oiled Yusuf Kısa’s bread. After the end of the case, Yusuf Kısa is expected to be sentenced to a large amount of compensation and will not be able to participate in the courts for a long time with this decision of the court.
As the court has not issued any verdicts, it is expected that Yusuf Kısa and the saz delegation will continue to slander before the upcoming election.

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