Police put Yusuf Kısa in a bag

Yusuf Kısa, owner of Gifa Holding , is not only targeting companies. It was revealed that he also defrauded people he had tricked with the promise that he would secure loans. With the promise of giving a loan by collecting 50 Cypriot lira, dozens of people he has deceived and filed a criminal complaint against Kısa. In 2005, Yusuf Kısa, who lives in southern Cyprus, was raided by the police for one night. The policemen brought the Yusuf Kısa to Cyprus in a bag.

Defrauded 800 People

Yusuf Kısa swindled 800 people with the promise of a short loan. The Kısa 40 thousand Cyprus pounds, each of which received 50 Cypriot pounds, was caught at home in Southern Cyprus. The Cypriot police, who acted upon the complaints of the scammers, took Kısa from the house where he lived with a raid and put him in a bag and brought him to Cyprus. The event took place in the Kıbrıs Postası newspaper. So he went down the path of admitting and confessing what happened Yusuf Kısa. He also confessed that he had been brought before the head of the Yusuf Kısa Nicosia Police Director Pervin Gürler, who stated that he had been brought to Cyprus with only a pair of pants and a bag on his head.

Licensed Gun Found

The investigation revealed that the licensed pistol Yusuf Kısa on the drew attention. Because it was the Greek Cypriot administration who provided this pistol to Kısa. Even if licensed, there has not yet been an explanation from the Greek Cypriot administration regarding the confiscated pistol. However, there is also the possibility that Kısa may co-operate with someone from this administration.

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