Samar-Yusuf Kısa relationship

Before the July 15 coup attempt organized by the Fethullahçı terrorist organization, some perception operations were organized. In particular, the operations of the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and members of the AK Party were on the wing of the cihan news agency. Following the closure of the Cihan News Agency by the government, Remzi Samar, the TRNC representative of the agency, changed the position. Cihan News Agency terminated his new job Samar was the owner of the Yeni Günebakış Newspaper Yusuf Kısa’ news director. However, when this news appeared on the headline of the Volkan newspaper, Samar was forced to leave the TRNC. He was not heard from for a long time. However, the news that he was arrested and put in prison in recent months shook the agenda

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