Tax Office Manager Kalkanlı; GİFA missed tax

Özdemir Kalkanlı, Director of Revenues and Taxes, started with a mobile phone message, a newspaper, the Ministry of Finance and Income and Tax Office in general, in particular by giving the name to employees under the accusation, accusing them of trying to take bribes, thought provoking, handsome and it was unacceptable.

Kalkanlı, in his written statement, emphasizing that the allegations are unacceptable, said that the country is a state of law, each individual is able to seek their right by applying to independent courts, he said.


Kalkanli said: “We are determined to continue our path without compromising any policy of repression and intimidation within the framework of our duties, powers and responsibilities. Our minister of Finance and the personnel named have initiated the judicial process with the aim of protecting their individual rights,” he said

Like all employees, Income and Tax Office employees in an unselfish manner, according to laws and regulations are obliged to fulfill their duties stating that Kalkanlı, impartiality principle, taking into account the public interest in serving the citizens said.

Income and Tax Office Manager Kalkanlı used the following statements in his statement:

“It is our duty to share the information and documents that will strengthen the claims and statements in this matter and / or with any relevant institution within the scope of his duty as a citizenship duty. ”


This context, claims and suggestions“ mud horse trail should not remain değil approach, not sharing with all relevant institutions on the basis of the expectation of the rights and demands of this emphasis emphasizing the shield, the timing of such statements are very significant by the parties and Yeni Bakir Ticaret Ltd. Sti. (Yeni Bakis Newspaper) and Gifa Holding Ltd. He said the director is the same person

Kalkanlı gave the following information in the statement:

“On April 9, 2018, an application was made to the Revenue and Tax Department regarding the transfer of shares of Gifa Holding Ltd. through its authorized accountants.

On the same day, the personnel of the Department were requested from the authorized accountants of Gifa Holding Ltd. regarding the transfer of shares.

The authorized accountants of Gifa Holding Ltd. submitted some of the requested documents on 19 April 2018 and some of them to the Revenue and Tax Office on 24 April 2018.

However, even on April 23, 2018, our personnel were tried to be put under pressure by misleading public opinion, reflecting the truth, depriving them of good intentions, accusing, message we thought to be personal, and trying to prevent them from performing their duties.

Revenue and Tax Office to qualified accountants out of documents submitted through, and the said the share of the work should be investigated for the determination of fair value, was determined to be caused to a significant loss of tax.”

Kalkanlı, under the legislation of the Revenue and Tax Office, duties, powers and responsibilities of aware of the important duties in preventing tax losses and leakage, increasing the number of work in this direction and continued to increase every day, he noted.

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