The fraudulent Yusuf does not stop. They defrauded 10 million TL more!

The fraudulent Yusuf Kisa does not stop. They defrauded 10 million TL more!

The network that defrauded businessmen in Turkey, explained to whom it sent 10 million TL in TRNC. In many newspapers in Turkey and Cyprus it was stated that the fraud network cooperated with the Holding officials of PFC Yusuf Kisa and Ilksen Yesilada in Turkey. While the police said “nobody came and made a complaint” about the case, it was found out that the defrauded businessmen had come to TRNC earlier and complained about the GIFA Holding officials to the General Directorate of Police and that the Police sent the files prepared to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. It has been reported that Deputy Prime Minister Ozersay will take action regarding the files prepared about GİFA Holding officials and ask what the fate of these files will be.


“As part of the investigation conducted by the Izmir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Izmir Provincial Police Department’s Fight against Financial Crimes Branch Directorate teams launched an investigation into suspects who defrauded businessmen. It was determined by the Teams Against Financial Crimes Branch Directorate that people named A.P., Y.B., Ö.O.D, M.M.Ö., E.K., I.K I.B.O., M.L.Y, H.G who were introducing themselves as Huma Group Investment Advisory Company officials and employees operating in Izmir were cooperating with.GİFA Holding officials Yusuf Kisa (Y.K), Ilksen Yesilada (I.Y) and S.A. It was found that the suspects made high amounts of collections under the name of tax and insurance payment with the promise of using foreign loans in connection with the industrialists and businessmen they contacted in different provinces, especially in Izmir. With this method, it was determined that the fraudsters received 10 million Turkish lira money from 11 industrialists and businessmen in Izmir, and that they defrauded industrialists and businessmen in Pakistan, Jordan, Kuwait, Iran and Algeria with the use of the same technique.


It was determined that the individuals provided benefits to themselves and their first degree relatives with the money and that they had transferred the collected money to the account of the Holding in TRNC. With the instructions of the Izmir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, Teams of the Izmir Financial Crimes Protection Branch Directorate launched a simultaneous operation on Tuesday, to 9 people, who were found to be residing in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara.8 suspects were caught whilst one GLOCK unlicensed weapon, one Fake Police ID Card, one Fake Turkish Identity Card, lots of documents belonging to fraudulent firms, and scams related to fraud money that were transferred abroad have been found when the suspects’ residences were searched. The detained suspects were sent to the courthouse for the charges of “Qualified Fraud”, “Fraud in a Special Document” and Fraud in an Official Document, after their operations at the police headquarters.


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