Yusuf Kısa scammed again

Yusuf Kisa, owner of Gifa Holding operating in Turkey and continues to reduce the cash-strapped many firms network. With the promise of credit to be tricked in these businesses, charges are charged in large amounts. Moreover, it makes the companies believe with the fake documents and mails issued on behalf of foreign banks. However, the loan can not provide the emergence of the costs charged does not return. About the many criminal complaints and lawsuits in the network of the last person businessman Gökhan Ozturk dropped. Previously, Kısa Kios and Kerman defrauded trans companies. Moreover, in the Öztürk case, Kısa demanded that the costs be invested in the Turkish Democracy Foundation, which revealed the connection between the Kısa fand the Turkish Democracy Foundation. Ozturk could not get his money back in the TRNC filed a criminal complaint.

Wrote a letter

Looking forward to the trial, Gökhan Öztürk sent a letter to Aydın Akkurt, Editor-in-Chief. In this letter, Öztürk stated that GIFA Holding – Odea Tourism Consultancy and Turkish Democracy Foundation were included in the structuring. Öztürk, Kısa stated that he had received a large amount of money from HSBC Bank in England and that he had declared false belonging to this bank. After that, Öztürk, who deposited the amount of tax requested by Kısa, into the account of the Turkish Democracy Foundation, declares that he has not been able to get his credit after 6 months. Öztürk also stated that he has submitted applications to all channels of authority in Turkey and Cyprus while ending his letter.

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