Yusuf Kısa swindles Iranian businessmen

Yusuf Kısa, the owner of a fraud finance company called GIFA, defrauded Iranian businessmen . Kısa previously replied that it was refusal to businessmen who received millions of dollars under the name of file and insurance costs, promising that they would give credit in large amounts. Kısa’s first victim was the businessman Yıldırım Kerman from İzmir. Short of 8 million euros to say that the loan, 300 thousand euros from Kerman defrauded and did not give back the money. Kerman to Yusuf Kısa is preparing to sue.

Uses Nigerian and Pakistani Students

Yusuf is also using his students to play this dirty game. Kısa gives some order Banners news pages of newspapers and the so-called finance company gifa’nıntunus, Morocco, news that Turkey and Saudi Arabia to countries like millions of euros given credit yayınlatıy. He also uses Nigerian and Pakistani students in his Kısa’s photographs. He poses as if they were signing a loan agreement, making them look like a businessman.

420 TL Tax Paid

It appeared in the amount of credit that Kısa said he was giving another lie. 7 million euros, which explained that the loan Kısa’s only pays 420 TL tax.

They Sued About

Yusuf Kısa spoke with Iranian businessmen over the phone and said he would give 15 million credits. Then the Iranian businessmen came to Cyprus to meet with the Kısa. During his meeting with Kısa businessmen, he received 470 thousand euros from them under the name of expense. However, months passed, despite the shortage of businessmen filed a lawsuit about Kısa.

Who is Yusuf Kısa?

Kısa’s smallness was spent in London with his family. There he worked for a baker and soon moved to finance. However, years before he was accused of fraud, he had to flee to France and then to Moscow and finally to Cyprus. Here too, a full 800 people defrauded short, promised to give credit to a total of hundreds of people collected a total of 40 thousand KL. Armed by the Greek Cypriot administration, one night, TRNC policemen took Kısa from his house.

Established Gifa and Yenibakış

After this turbulent process, he founded Gifa finance company and Yeni Bakis Newspaper. Kısa , this financial company and businessmen scam, while the new gazette newspaper with an agenda filled with false news. Lawsuits have been filed against the police, soldiers and the state.


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  1. kıbrısta herkes biliyor zaten bunun sahtekar oldugunu

  2. Googlede Gifa Holdingi arattık iyi ki bu siteyi gördük artık Yusuf Kısa’nın nasıl bir dolandırıcı olduğu bizim için desteklenmiş oldu. Umarım siteniz kapanmaz ve bu dolandırcıyı herkes görür.

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